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Commercial and industrial anti-fog coated film applications have multiple benefits. The hydrophilic coated anti-fog film causes moisture to spread into an even layer so it will not form mist drops which obscure vision. Anti-Fog improves the visual clarity of mirrors, enhances safety by minimizing the impact of shattering glass on shower doors, and prevents windows from steaming. Additionally, our anti-fog coated films are easy to install and maintain with common household cleaners.

• Easy to install and maintain, anti-fog surface with water clear masking release liner protects the coated surface during installation
• Optically clear visibility, improves safety when driving, eliminating hazardous and annoying fog
• Can be cleaned with common ammonia-free household glass cleaners
• Highly durable, delivers best-in-class abrasion, scratch, mar, chemical and UV resistance
• Weather able, will not discolour or yellow when exposed to sunlight
• Compatible with anti-reflective coatings and many environmental standards

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