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Spike Device (with UV lamp) Operating Instructions

This Spike Device is preset to a factory default of 9 seconds but can be adjusted from 0-9 seconds (with real-time countdown), and comes with real-time temperature measurement. It has a temperature display, coupled with a 365nm UV light source. The single number displayed indicates the second, while the 3-digit number indicates the temperature.

  1. Connect the device to a power source and turn it on by pressing the button behind the device. The device will now be on standby mode. The time display shows the default factory figure of 9 seconds, while the temperature display shows the real-time temperature.
  2. To carry out the intended test, attach two different films in between the provided test kit, specifically where the holes are, and insert the test kit into the slot on the device. Press the left button on the top of the device to turn on the high-powered lamp. Leave the test kit in the slot until the default 9-second countdown is completed. When the lamp has totally dimmed, remove the test kit from the slot to observe the difference. For re-testing, repeat the above steps.
  3. To perform a UV test, press the right button to turn on and turn off the UV lamp.
  4. To adjust the time, press and hold the left button for 4 seconds until the time display flashes. Press the left or right button to adjust the time. The adjusted time is automatically saved within 3 seconds.
  5. Precautions
    • As a safety precaution, install an earthing or grounding system to avoid any unforeseen electrical discharge.
    • Keep the device away and out of reach of children.
    • When testing, do not look directly at the high-powered lamp, as it will cause damage to the eyes.
    • Please seek professional help should any accidental impact to the device occur or if there is any strange noise emitting from the device. Do not continue to use the device in these situations.
    • When the device is not in use, turn off the device and disconnect it from the power source.


秒杀器 (带紫外灯) 说明书

本秒杀器可按预设(调整) 秒数 (0–9秒) 工作(并实时倒数显示秒数) , 并实时测温, 显示温度, 叧配365nm的紫外光源. 其中单个数字的是秒数显示值, 三个数字的是温度显示值.

  1. 接通电源, 打开开关, 仪器进入待机状态, 秒数显示区显示预设的秒数 (出厂时设为9秒) , 温度显示区显示为实时的温度.
  2. 测试时, 2种膜分别放置在插片的圆孔位上, 并插进卡槽, 按动左键, 大功率灯启亮, 并预设秒数工作. 灯灭后, 可抽出插片对比膜的状况. 需要再次测试时, 重复剛才的动作.
  3. 启动紫外灯. 分别按动右键, 即可对紫外灯实施开和关.
  4. 秒数调整. 按住左键4秒直至秒数显示区闪烁, 此时按动左右键即可增減秒数, 停止调整3秒后自动保存.
  5. 注意事项
    • 出于安全考虑, 用电环境必须安裝漏电开关.
    • 放置在小孩触摸不到的地方.
    • 测试时眼晴不可直视光源, 以免刺伤眼晴.
    • 由于不正当的碰撞至仪器変形或有异响时, 需经专业人员检测方可继续使用.
    • 仪器不使用吋, 关掉开关, 拔掉电源.

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